A downloadable game for Windows

You are a apprentice mage, sent on your final trial.
Sent into the void, you must defeat the demon lord inside using your magical grapple, and even the voids own power.

Mastery of your grapple is key to defeating the demon lord. 

This was a student project developed over 6 months.


Lachlan Frayne - Designer (Frayne)
James Kemeny - Producer (James)
Kane Sedonja - Environment Art, Textures, UI (Kane)
Hana Jones - Concept, Boss Textures (Hana)
Steve Van Der Graf - Boss Design, Boss Animations,  Environment Art (Steve)
Nathan Burt - Player Model, Particle Effects, Shaders (Nathan)
Stuart Charlton - Player Animations
Nic Van Zuylen - Player Controller, Boss AI, Tool creation (Nic)
Lachlan Mesmen - Boss Attacks
Thomas Scott - Sound Design, Music
Dominique Parker - Sound Design, Music


Cosmosis.zip 78 MB


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well dont wanna be rude but when i started the game it was a black screen please fix ;)

Super fun game! I really want to play more. In the meantime please enjoy the video I made about it!

this has good potential! you can build on the character, the environment, her powers, why she's in the void, and with a team like this i know it can be 10 times better than what it is. Great job All of you

this was a first try lol 


I feel like you have a great game that is  underrepresented. The main concept is great and it executed flawlessly. (minus a few missing collision boxes). I would seriously consider building a full fledged game out of this.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

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This is a brilliant game with cool mechanics. I am looking forward to the completion of the game if it comes out and I hope that there will be an interesting storyline to play through in the game as I have yet to see a backstory behind the protagonist and how the protagonist ended up fighting such monsters. Moreover, maybe some directions or objectives menu could be added so that the player knows where to go and what they have to do . Lastly, maybe brief the player about the powers or abilities that the protagonist can use or unlock whenever a new ability is introduced. I would appreciate it if the game were to inform the player about what right click does and what left click does in the game.

Thank you for reading my comment. Amazing game overall and am looking forward to the full release of it. :)

This was a whole lot of fun and it's been really well put together! Good job!