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You have arrived at the village of Burton at an unfortunate time.
Shortly after arriving, you realise the village is empty.
As you wander throughout Burton, you soon discover what happened to its residents.

Playtime is roughly 5 minutes

This was a solo project that I worked on for 4 months.


Visitor.zip 430 MB


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Great atmosphere but too short.

This was great, but too short! Had a creepy overall atmosphere. I would've loved to get a closer look at the monster or see what was growing in the mines! Either way, I enjoyed this! Here's my playthrough:

I loved how the game looked but I wanted MORE as far as the story goes! I also would have liked to see the monster? at the end.  Great job overall!

I really liked the concept of this game! Hope you add more to this creepy adventure!

The atmosphere, sound design, and graphics were all spot on in this game.  A short experience that was actually really well done.  I would love to see you make a full game like this, great job, this is the second game in the video - 3:16


What a creepy experience! Never going into a haunted mine again lol Great work!

Really cool game. Could be a bit longer, but it was good.


Short and sweet. Would love more of it tho.

Short and sweet.

OMG so beautiful. I really liked the graphics. The game lagged a bit by the blacksmith area. Other than I love this. It's nice, peaceful, atmospheric. I cannot wait to see what you come up with next!!

Played this as part of a 2 part video. This game is the first in the video. I wanted so much more of this! Unless I did something wrong, which is possible lol has the potential to be a very cool game! 


Hey, played your game in an indie romp. nice style, had a neat skyrim feel to it. Hope you enjoy my video :)

Your game starts at 3:05

Interesting game, I was really amazed by the graphics of the game, looks really good! Would love to see a continuation of this, it got potential :) 

Great game. Interesting concept and design, love the graphics.